Turmeric – The Weight Loss Super Herb

Turmeric is a super herb that stands out among the rest when it comes to it’s anti-inflammatory, circulation, weight-loss, and immunity boosting characteristics.

Curcumin, what gives turmeric its golden color, could inhibit the growth of fat tissue and help to detoxify the liver. In this way it helps to both prevent new fat from being made and clean the liver so it can better clear existing fat from the body.

We know of no other producers who grow their herbs like we do, or that’s so willing to openly share this information to the public. Our turmeric is organically grown in rich volcanic soil on the North Shore of the Garden Island of Kauai in Hawai’i.  Turmeric is a healthy addition to many of our delicious selections of herbal teas and powders. If you’re lucky enough to live on Kauai you can buy our fresh, cold-press turmeric juice at the Kilauea Farmer’s Market on SaturdaysScientific studies show turmeric applied topically to be effective for a number of issues including: chronic pain, inflammatory dermatoses, skin wounds and skin infections.

We believe our herbs to have unmatched potency in the marketplace.

If you are trying to lose weight, increase your circulation, stay healthy, and reduce excess body inflammation, increase your intake of turmeric.

We use our turmeric in these products:

Read more about Turmeric here. For more information on our gardens, teas and herbs check out our youtube channel.

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