This is where chocolate begins…

This fresh harvest of ripe Theobroma Cacao pods are sliced open exposing the fruity beans (seeds) within.

This sweet and tangy white pulp shrouds the Cacoa bean. Dried and fermented, this bean can be processed into Cacao nibs and later churned into a Cacao paste, Cacao butter, and later crafted into a bitter chocolate.

Like all things in life, not all chocolate is created equal. Additives such as sugars and milk product, as well as soil deficiencies from pesticides and mono-cropping have diluted the theobromine and antioxidant benefits that Cacao is most known for. In many instances, these factors create a product detrimental to ones health in medium to large doses. Based on sustainable and organic farming methods and careful artisannal-crafting, here at Kauai Farmacy, we offer a whole and intact Cacao powder as part of an enzyme and mineral rich herbal powder rightfully named “Green Energy.”

Green Energy powder can be added to smoothies, juice drinks, culinary dishes or can be eaten directly in its original powder form. To reap the full health benefits of this extraordinary plant, we place the beans in our solar dehydrators using little heat (and no electricity) to cure the beans raw. Our herbal artisans prepare the Cacao into a fine powder that is then combined with:

  • Moringa – a high iron, high protein, calcium-rich, balanced herb
  • Green Coffee  – both the skins and unroasted super-antioxidant beans
  • Gotu Kola – a cellular regenerating herb that calms the nervous system & aids in brain function
  • Bele Spinach – an edible Hibiscus packed with iron
  • Ashwagandha – an endurance herb known to boost libido and increase stamina
  • Stevia – an herb esteemed for balancing blood sugar and serving as a sweet alternative for Diabetics and health-conscious individuals

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Cacao pods. This is where Chocolate begins

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