Which Tea Is Best for Losing Weight?

Generally, all the teas and powders will improve circulation by breaking up toxins in the body (with the help of water to flush the toxins), and disposing of excess weight that is not positively serving the body.

But specifically the Wellness Tea and the Puritea Cleanse will be great for losing weight.  If you drink our teas regularly, your weight will fall off over time. However, in order to drink our teas regularly, you need big water intake and sufficient rest and great nutrition. They basically keep those big three in balance – hydration, nutrition and rest.

The herbs also significantly help with satisfying and bringing awareness to food cravings, sleep deprivation, and sugar levels, as well as activating will power; which are all critical aspects of finding and sustaining the most productive weight for you. As you drink the tea, you are introducing your body to new plants and new vibrations. In many cases, otherwise would be dormant tools that are in your body are being activated or stimulated, raising awareness in yourself and your environment that surrounds you like never before. Across our teas there are 40 plus medicinal plants, all producing a different vibration in your body. As your body adapts to each vibration, your awarenesss of yourself increases dramatically, including things like food cravings, sleep deprivation, sugar levels, etc. In many cases, making you aware how related these negative influences truly are to your system and providing you with the awareness and abilitiy to achieve optimal health in your life.

There are also specific herbs in each tea that will help with things like will power and emotional immunity. For example, Turmeric and ginger, which are in several of our teas are both root herbs, which are known to stimulate the root chakra. The root chakra located in our sacral area is known to have a strong influence on the systems will power. Therefore, as you drink turmeric in your tea, your will power in your system is activated and strengthened in the process. Turmeric is also known to be an immune booster, including physical, mental and emotional. In fact, in India, they wear the turmeric as makeup all over their bodies to provide such immunity from things like mosquito bites (malaria is a big issue in that part of the world) as well as another person’s energy that might negatively effect one’s emotional psyche. They literally paint their bodies orange to provide an extra layer of protection and immunity.

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