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Planting Herbal Medicine in Ritual

These herb starts are being transplanted. Breathing them a little extra life-force in the process helps them in their early stages of life.

We consciously inhale oxygen from the plants, and reciprocate by exhaling carbon dioxide for these magical, life-providing plants – It is a beautiful, symbiotic relationship – Kauai-style.


Expanding our gardens is nothing short of creative mystique: Which seeds will flourish; which will wilt; which will strengthen with erect stature; which will bend seeking light and warmth from the golden rays above the garden canopy? We share and resonate with the genetic code and character of every plant when we sip in their herbal composition of uniquely diverse vitamins and minerals. Plant power fuels us on a cellular level; deeply conditioning our inner temples and strengthening our physical chemistry.

I learned not too long ago to question everything. With every question, another question so often needs to be asked; Where does this medicine grow; by whom is this medicine made; and has it been altered from its original, natural state…? Answer-less, I was drowning in a flood of more and more questions. Continuing to consume my medicine on blind faith, as a result of a lifetime of conditioning to do so, was no longer an option for me. To be made a believer, I needed to get to the root of it all, and find a trustworthy source; or better yet, create the source.

We reach a pinnacle of earthliness when we connect with the roots of our energy source; and tap into the divine aspects of the laws of nature. Take pride and comfort in knowing the hand that feeds you; Take peace in the candid intricacies of how your food and medicine is grown and prepared; your body will thrive; your mind will find content; and your holistic self will come into balance.

From seed to cup; from our hands to hearts around the globe; from mineral-rich volcanic Kaua’i soil to herbal concoctions that satiate the body’s hunger for ultimate nutrients, our intention is delivering profound truth: Nature’s truth. With transparency in every aspect of everything we do, we strive to deliver this truth to you without compromise; directly from the source.

With Love and Aloha,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxo

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