Stamina, Longevity and Endurance

Endurance green raw organic superfood powder ginger turmeric ashwagandha root alspice

This chai-flavored, protein-powder is Kauai Farmacy’s most well-rounded Superfood Spice. Endurance is ideal in smoothies, brewed as a tea, eaten pinch by pinch and makes an exquisite culinary companion ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes.

Herbal superfood raw organic green powder

Endurance raw green organic superfood powder smoothie

KAUAI FARMACY SMOOTHIE RECIPE: Coconut, Coconut water, Papaya, Apple-banana, Mango and Endurance Powder.

Customer Reviews


I love putting it in my smoothie every morning for a flavorful boost! Need to order two jars next time!

~ Fain Zimmerman


I am addicted to this powder!…I actually crave it during the day, and I have a taste any time I am needing a boost… it calms you down and gives you the most wonderful clarity of thought! I absolutely love this stuff!

~ Kathy


I love to use this in my raw baking! It adds a great flavor and boosts energy.


AshwagandhaWithania somnifera 

This native Indian plant, one of the key ingredients in our Endurance powder, also known as “Indian ginseng”, is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine and is named after its ability to give one “the stamina of a stallion”.

Ashwagandha is a fortifying adaptogen, suited to replenish chi and increase the body’s overall resistance to stress. It focuses on the adrenals and nervous system, which contributes to balanced hormonal functioning, calm nerves and graceful navigating of transition.

endurance powder ashwagandha green raw superfood

ENDURANCE INGREDIENTS: TulsiMoringaBele Spinach, GingerCinnamonAllspiceGotu KolaTurmericCacao, and Ashwagandha


  • Alkalizes the body
  • Combats chronic fatigue
  • Elevates one’s mood
  • Increases Stamina
  • Enhances Libido
  • Acts as a glandular adaptogen
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Creates a calm-energy
  • Aids in Fertility
  • Promotes hormone balance
  • Serves as a caffeine substitute
  • Supports the adrenals, kidneys, lungs, liver and heart
  • Improves brain and nervous system function
  • Cleanses pituitary, thyroid, and pineal glands
  • Reduces cold and fevers
  • Combats anxiety and Depression

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