Cacao Olena Coconut Veggie Wrap

By introducing Cacao Olena and Curry Blend into this recipe, we receive the health benefits of 9 additional mineral-rich, nutritious herbs. This on-the-go meal boosts immunity, balances metabolism, supports the heart and liver, and prevents cell oxidation that can lead to illness.

  • Slice carrots into sticks
  • Slice mature coconut meat into sticks
  • Chop leafy greens
  • lay 1 coconut wrap on flat surface

In a separate bowl combine until creamy:

  • 1/4 cup coconut cream
  • 3 tablespoons raw, organic, nut butter of choice
  • 1 tablespoon Cacao Olena powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Curry Blend
  • Add small amount of water for desired sauce consistency if needed.

Place sticks from corner to opposite corner into coconut wrap; add a small handful of lettuce; drizzle sauce along bed of lettuce; fold over bottom of wrap first; then slowly roll and tuck lettuce as you go for a snug wrap; apply a small dab of nut butter to seal the end of the wrap. Serve and Enjoy anywhere!


What Unprocessed Stevia Looks Like

STEVIA. This is what unprocessed, whole leaf Stevia looks like. This plant is remarkable; as it has the power to sweeten, and the potency to balance blood sugar levels in the body. This makes Stevia a perfect culinary companion herb for Diabetics as well as for people striving to shed excess weight.

Stevia is in our: Buzz Chew, Cacoa Olena, Children’s Wellness Tea, Green Energy, Tranquility, & Tropical Hibiscus Tea.

Sending you sweet herbal love,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Cacao Olena Golden Latte Recipe

Try this CACAO OLENA Golden Latte RECIPE:⠀
Cacao. Turmeric. Ginger.⠀
This rich, bold herbal recipe is creamy in texture; has a sweet, decadent flavor with a hint of spice; and is loaded with antioxidants and immune boosting nutrients. ⠀


Combine these life-enhancing ingredients into your blender:

  1. The meat of 2 semi-mature coconuts⠀
  2. The water and meat of 1-2 young coconuts⠀
    • {May substitute coconut meat & coconut water with nut milk (ie almond milk), coconut milk, or any other milk of choice} ⠀
  3. 2 tablespoons of Kauai Farmacy Cacao Olena powder⠀
  4. 1-2 tablespoons of raw, local, organic honey to sweeten (optional)⠀
  5. Garnish with a light dusting of fresh, ground cinnamon (optional)
  6. Blend ingredients until smooth and frothy;
  7. Pour golden latte mixture into your favorite drinking cup; Serve warm or chilled;
  8. Enjoy! [makes 5-8 servings]

Curry: Heating Things Up

?Heating things up once again in the Kauai Farmacy kitchen with a fresh batch of our signature Curry spice blend. Our CURRY Blend is super circulatory, immune-boosting, sinus & liver cleansing; & packed with vitamins & minerals to support healthy organ & digestive function. This blend has been out of stock for a short while due to seasonal harvesting. However, a bountiful Curry harvest just made its way into the solar dehydrators, allowing us to offer it once again – super fresh. This blend is a staple in our family’s household meals (i.e. guacamole, salad dressing, soup), so we are stoked to get our Curry on once again! This unique Curry Blend is a combination of medicinal & tonic herbs including Curry Leaf, Kaffir Lime, Galangal Ginger, Yellow Ginger, Hawaiian Chili Pepper, & Turmeric. These nutrient-rich herbs:

* Support healthy joints
* Boost the immune system
* Improve circulation
* Strengthen the heart
* Aid in weight-loss
* Calm the digestive tract
* Increase iron absorption
* Protect the liver
* Reduce inflammation
* Balance blood sugar levels
* Support hair & skin health
* Fight bacterial & fungal Infections

Much Love & Aloha,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo ???

CACOA OLENA “Smoothie Delight”

Our CACOA OLENA “Smoothie Delight”

2 Papayas
6 Bananas
1 Mature Coconut (coco water and coco meat)
1 teaspoon of Kauai Farmacy Cacoa Olena
Kauai spring water
1 Sprig of fresh Mint for garnish
It doesn’t get more delicious and nutritious than this!

Packed with powerful antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals grown in the most fertile organic soil on Earth, the herbs in this smoothie blend promote healthy organ function; reduce inflammation; break up calcified matter; boost metabolism and digestive function; increase circulation; alkalize the body’s PH; & strengthen and support the immune and cardiovascular system.
These Kauai Grown herbs all work synergistically together to create ultimate balance and optimal performance. An excellent and delicious way to health up!

CACOA OLENA Ingredients: Kauai Farmacy-Grown Raw Cacoa, Ginger & Turmeric (aka Olena in Hawai’ian).
Blend all ingredients into your blender until smooth and creamy. Garnish with fresh mint & Enjoy!

Mmmm. COCOliscious!

Made with Love,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxox

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Kauai Farmacy Roselle Jam RECIPE
Can you say Mmmmm?!?
A fun, experimental recipe turned into a delicious condiment packed with life-enhancing wellness herbs: Tulsi, Roselle, Blue Vervain, Lime Balm, Lemon Balm, Gotu Kola, Cranberry Hibiscus & Stevia.
  1. Shuck 4 dozen roselle buds (Only the outside petals) – Can also substitute with any delicious fresh fruit of choice
  2. Pour water over the roselle petals until they are just fully covered
  3. Add two tablespoons of Kauai Farmacy Children’s wellness herbal tea
  4. Add two slices of fresh orange peel
  5. Place on stove top and brew until full-bodied (approximately 15 minutes)
  6. Strain red Roselle liquid into a clean saucepan (you can strain by pressing back of spoon into stainless steel mesh or hand-ring through cheesecloth)
  7. Add organic local honey and reduce down on low heat until liquid thickens (spoon test: dip spoon; liquid should still pour freely off spoon, but will also coat the spoon)
  8. Remove from heat. Pour into a glass mason jar
  9. Allow to cool to room temperature & Enjoy!
Some fun ways to enjoy your Roselle Jam:
  • As a dip for sliced coconut
  • As a spread on baked taro (can use sweet potato, breadfruit or yam as an alternate option)
  • As a dressing over frozen smoothie cubes
  • As a filling for nut-butter energy balls
  • And all the ways jam has been used in culinary dishes historically

Super-charged Polynesian Spinach

? The sun shining through this Bele Spinach exemplifies this high protein, high-iron herb’s majestic beauty, structural integrity, and vibrant frequency. Supercharged with emerald green chlorophyll, packed with rich vitamins and minerals from the island of Kauai’s volcanic soil, this plant enhances one’s energy, reduces inflammation, strengthens the heart and circulatory system, supports healthy brain development and cognitive function, protects and supports the body’s growth on a cellular level, and creates balance in the blood.

This Polynesian Spinach (aka Edible hibiscus) is a dietary blessing for those seeking to reverse or relieve symptoms associated with anemia, adrenal fatigue, low energy, diabetes, heart conditions, and blood imbalances.

The Kauai Farmacy team of artisanal herbalists use Polynesian Spinach to hand-craft herbal blends like the Green Energy Superfood Powder, Women’s Wellness Tea, Buzz Chew, & Puritea Cleanse powder; all grown from seed to cup.

Kauai Farmacy “Surfer’s Salad”


How to get 20+ nutritional Kauai-Grown herbs packed with all the essential vitamins, minerals & amino acids to thrive, in a simple-to-make delicious, nutritious meal:
3 heads lettuce (chopped)
4 tomatoes (diced)
2 cucumbers (diced)
1/2 cup white onion or 1/4 cup green onion (minced)
2 fresh raw corn (off the cob)

3 limes (fresh squeezed)
5 pinches Kauai Farmacy Curry Power
2 pinches Kauai Farmacy Buzz Chew
2 pinches Kauai Farmacy Savory Blend
Drizzle Cold-pressed olive oil
Hawai’ian Sea Salt (to taste)
Garnish with lime wheel; Toss; & Enjoy!

{3-5 servings}

Pairs well with Kauai Farmacy Vitalitea to receive over 20 nourishing Kauai-Grown herbs; packed with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health and ultimate balance.

Uses: Boost Metabolism for healthy weight-loss; enhances circulation for cardiovascular support; reduces inflammation; increases immune system; Promotes brain and cognitive function; aids in cardiovascular health; balances blood sugars & cholesterol; calms the respiratory; energizes; & provides all the essential amino acids one needs to thrive.

Support organic local farmers when possible. Mahalo (Thank you) to:
* Strong Farms for your crisp cucumbers & tomatoes
* One Song Farms for your delicious lettuces
* Olena Farms for your green Onions
* Ken’s Farm for your fresh corn
* & the Kauai Farmacy Team for the CURRY & SAVORY Culinary Spice Blends; BUZZ CHEW; & VITALITEA as well as the fresh Kaffir Limes.


This morning the miracle of rays of Hawai’ian sunshine kissed the misty rain over Kauai Farmacy’s front pasture.

This is the Ecosystem in which our herbs thrive, and why our plant medicine is exceptionally balanced. Here on the North Shore of Kauai, the air, light and water are in equilibrium. The land in which our herbs abound is situated between the mountain range and the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, and is surrounded by the Kilauea Stream; a water passageway for the cascading waterfalls to exit to our ocean’s edge. The herbal plants drink up, breath in, and bath themselves in these living elements. When plants are cultivated in a balanced environment and touched by loving hands, they become that which surrounds and nourishes them. In turn, we then consume the vitamins and minerals that these plants offer, becoming that same air, light and water.

Like plants, we are a product of our environment and experiences. We thrive when our air, light and water are all in balance. When we integrate balanced herbs into our lifestyle, every aspect of our colorful lives shines just a little brighter. We begin to feel more alive. Our environment; our breath; our hydration; our nutrition; & our relationships all fall into synchronicity and rhythm, contributing to our overall well-being.

Herbs transfer their consciousness to our every cell; reawakening dormancy within our bodies; recapturing strength from within; and rejuvenating our own consciousness, so that we can make healthy choices and practice daily rituals that serve and nourish us.

From our Vitalitea to our Green Energy Superfood powder; from our land to your cups; from nature’s elements to the living collection of particles that we are; may we all enjoy the full spectrum of health and healthy lifestyle practices that integrate Kauai Farmacy herbs from the land of abundant rainbows.


Kauai Insights: Did you know that Kauai is home to daily rainbow sightings, based on its unique balance of sunshine and abundant rainfall? The center of Kauai is home to Mount Waialeale (meaning “overflowing water” in Hawai’ian), which receives an astounding 460” of rainfall on average each year, making it one of the wettest places on Earth. In the native Hawai’ian language, rainbows are known as Anuenue.