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Comfrey, Symphytum sp.

Comfrey has valuable healing qualities used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years and is widely known as “one of nature’s greatest medicinal herbs.” It is a powerful bone mender, giving rise to its folk name “knit bone” and its an impeccable cellular regenerator. Externally, Comfrey can be applied to help heal bones, tendons, ligaments, joints and sore muscles.

It is also a biodynamic accumulator where it breaks up and cleanses the soil, adding tremendous amounts of nutrients. With a tap root that can grow up to 10 feet deep, Comfrey has access to water tables and vital micronutrients that exist far beneath the surface soil. The taproot absorbs these nutrients and transfers them to its leaves, creating ideal mulch for surrounding trees and other plants. And, it just so happens, that the nutrients Comfrey is “tapping into” are the exact compounds that fortify our bones. In this way, Comfrey is indicating to us (Doctrine of Signatures), its ability to penetrate deep into our own bodies, past the surface level of our skin, and deliver oxygen, hydration, and healing constituents to the foundation of our structures.


  • Heals broken bones
  • Bruises, skin ulcers, sprains, joint pain
  • Tension, inflammation, sore muscles
  • Coats and soothes irritated tissues
  • Increases cell production, causing wounds to heal rapidly


  • Demulcent
  • Vulnerary
  • Cellular regeneration
  • It is high in Calcium and Vitamin C