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Their consciousness began to shift when they started making tea from the leaf of the Noni tree which is a traditional Polynesian medicinal plant that grows on the Hawaiian islands. With regular consumption of the tea, they began to experience changes in their bodies; extra weight dropped off, concentration improved, immunity increased and stress reduced to create an overall heightened sense of wellbeing.

Excited and inspired by this natural healing transformation, they dove into other healing herbal plant medicine from a local garden after their second child was born.  In 2010 they acquired four acres of lush horse pasture on a river bend in Kilauea on the North shore of Kauai, and began growing medicinal plants. These herbal gardens slowly and organically grew and transformed into their Kauai Farmacy bio-diverse herbal farm; now home to over 60 medicinal herbal plants.

THEY chose the name Kaua’i Farmacy to perfectly convey their actions and intent.

Kauai Farmacy


Kaua’i (pronounced ka WHY ee) is the crown jewel of the Hawaiian islands.
The oldest island, blessed with ample rain, rich volcanic soil and a year-round growing season—is nicknamed The Garden Isle—for good reason. Visitors are awed by her rugged beauty, charmed by white sand beaches bordering crystal blue water, and can easily disconnect from hectic lives to reconnect with nature in ways that facilitate healing and personal growth.
Farmacy, a farm based dispensary of medicine.

Humans are naturally healthy. There are no greater causes of illness than chronic stress, inactivity and processed foods. There are no greater medicines than those naturally derived. These are our beliefs and why we are passionate about bringing fresh, raw and potent healing herbs to you and those you love.

Good health and great taste go together.

A healthy lifestyle is made pleasurable by the great taste of nutritious foods and herbs. The aroma and flavor of our teas is equal to their healthful benefits.

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Every plant in every tea is grown on our farm. Our gardens are diversely planted, not in rows, but in groupings of multiple species. Each plant supports and compliments the one next to it adding to the health of the whole ecosystem. We use no pesticides or synthetic chemicals. We feed our plants teas brewed from the gardens and composted manure (natures most balanced plant food.)

Harvesting is meticulously done by hand.

We choose the strongest, most vibrant plants to craft into herbal blends and supplements. Our garden attendants are happy Kauai residents and volunteers who choose to garden with us to be close to nature and produce high quality herbal products. 

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We humbly offer tea for health, tea for pleasure,

tea that is made from plants proven to: protect organs against chemical stress, pollutants and heavy metals; normalize blood sugar, blood pressure and lipids; reduce psychological stress; reduce depression; provide anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-cancer support and so much more.

Our intention is to put love, health and wellbeing into every cup of tea.

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