Medicine as Nature Intended It

Medicine as nature intended it: Kissed by the rain; Warmed by the rays of the sunlight shining through the clean, pure air which defines the breath surrounding each tendril’s offshoot; Touched by loving hands; Nourished by the Kauai soil that grounds and feeds it; Medicine’s roots maturing through life’s underworld community of wriggly and tunnel-channeling lifeforms; while living harmoniously together with all that surrounds it.⠀

From seed to maturation, our gardens are planted with Nature’s purest intentions in mind. Enchanted biodiverse gardens abound the Kauai Farmacy grounds; strongly emulating nature’s diverse plant life as it would flourish, if in the wild. Plants working together to provide shelter from too much sun; sharing moisture so not to over saturate; protecting each other from herbaceous predators, each with their own unique mineral makeup; Deciduous leaves falling to compost and re-nurturing the garden beds; this is the highest level of Permaculture, with all its artistic science at play. Offering care and love from the onset of each seedling’s life, all the plants growing to accept their purest and truest potential. ⠀

The plants embody the frequency of the soil, the water, the air, & the love that energizes them. We share these herbs with you so that you may too experience their high vibrations; and receive the energizing frequencies that these plants genetically encapsulate from their very first moments of life. ⠀

The attention our gardeners and herbalists give to every aspect of growing true plant medicine from seed to cup creates a unique balance that sets our medicine apart from any other. Enjoy the herbal lifestyle!⠀

With Love & Aloha,⠀
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo⠀

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