Mahalo to XPT Retreat for Visiting Kauai Farmacy

Mahalo Gabrielle ReeceLaird Hamilton, Brian Mackenzie, Wim Hof and the entire XPT Experience Retreat for visiting Kauai Farmacy.

After a three-day experience training with these elite high-performance leaders, Gabby, Laird, Brian and Wim took the entire retreat to rejuvenate on a brief visit to the Kauai Farmacy gardens; Here, they were treated to a bounty of performance enhancing Kauai-grown organic herbal supplements that work to re-calibrate and bring into balance all the body’s systems.

A marriage of like-minded pursuits to optimal health and well-being: Great company; fresh garden brew; cold-pressed turmeric, gotu kola, & yacon juice; turmeric-lemonade; loose leaf herbal teas; herbal performance powders; culinary supplements, and good vibrations.

A pleasure and honor to have you all here – Many Mahalos!

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