Green Energy Powder, Better than Coffee, Tea or Energy Drinks

The Kauai Farmacy team share the secret to a clean caffeine that promotes healthy circulation, enhances alkalinity, and boosts metabolism. Learn the power of clean caffeine from the “green coffee bean” versus the acidity of roasted beans. Experience why this powder is like no other in the world based on how it is grown, cured in solar dehydrators and lovingly blended into a fine herbal powder. Visit the cacoa and coffee plants in the garden and see the cured herbs fresh out of the solar dehydrator in the Kauai Farmacy herbal kitchen. Get to know this rare Green Energy powder: Moringa, Bele Spinach, Cacoa, Green Coffee Bean, Ashwagandha Root and Stevia all grown in organic, rich fertile soil, cured raw for potency, and prepared with love and Aloha on the farm.

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