Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Noni

Getting to the heart of the matter. I walked into the Kauai Farmacy office & was pleasantly surprised to find one of our team members wearing a giant Noni leaf over her heart. When I asked why she was wearing the Noni leaf, she replied “Isn’t that what you guys do?” Doug & I laughed. It is what we do.

About nine years ago, we were fully immersed in experiencing this remarkable Polynesian Herb; brewing the leaves into tea; eating them; curing them, submerging in Noni bath water, and even wearing the leaves until they sweated the toxins from our bodies; helping to heal us on the surface level & more deeply connect us to the truth behind Nature’s medicine.

At that time, many people had shared their experiences with the plant’s pungent, stinky fruit counterpart; a popular Polynesian healer in its own right. However, it was the leaf that captivated us.

The Noni leaf is super circulatory, & is responsible for pumping more oxygen-rich blood to our vital organs; making it an excellent aid in strengthening our cardiovascular system, & enabling us to feel more alert & alive. The Noni leaf also contains ursolic acid, a compound that reduces inflammation; boosts metabolism and stimulates weight loss. It is becoming more widely known for its detoxifying & tumor-preventative properties, as it contains compounds that actively break up free radicals & blockages in the body that can lead to illness. It’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & bone-restorative abilities, are amongst its many healing characteristics.

We use the Noni leaf (aka Morinda Citrifolia), in our Puritea Cleanse Powder, Wellness Tea, & Vitalitea.

We are beyond grateful to the Noni plant for introducing us into the realm of self-healing & the power of plant medicine.

From our hearts to yours,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

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