Morning Gardens at Kauai Farmacy

Kauai-grown organic herb garden with plants like turmeric, cacao, tulsi, bele spinach, chaste, tea tree, pineapple sage, mint, lemongrass, cranberry hibiscus, coffee, ginger, gotukola, comfrey organic permaculture biodiverse hand-harvested to make tea from the source. Plant medicine is a lifestyle. Heal yo’ self!

It’s That Bee – Our First Honey Harvest

Our three year old daughter shares her insights on bees, her favorite plants in the garden to nibble on, and our delicious first-ever honey harvest and tasting; a precious little honey bee’s delightful perspective. Enjoy!

Kauai Farmacy Honey…may be coming soon! All our products are 100% Kauai-grown on our herbal farm in Kilauea on the Garden Island of Kauai. Each plant has been kissed by the honey bees that reside in our back pasture.

Pouring Comfrey Salve

Pouring molten Comfrey Salve batch with care and precision. This plant mixture is a compilation of Comfrey root, Comfrey leaf, coconut oil, and Kauai beeswax.

Comfrey is renown for its bone, ligament, and tendon Restorative properties, as it contains a compound called allantoin that has cellular regenerative abilities.

We use Comfrey Salve on everything from old nagging ailments to fresh injuries, as well as for daily foot and body massage.

How to create healthy glowing skin with Tulsi Hydrosol

How do hydrosols work to create healthy glowing skin?

Hydrosols contain active healing compounds that support the skin by balancing its pH and sebum production, hydrating the cells, soothing inflammation, and promoting skin cell regeneration. Healthy youthful skin is actually slightly acidic, as the skin protects itself with acid. Normal skin pH levels average between 4.5-5.5, with oily skin being more alkaline and more susceptible to infection, and drier skin being more acidic and more prone to inflammation. The outer layer of the skin is the protective layer that comes in contact with the outside world. It shields the skin from environmental factors such as bacteria and pollution, and it actually produces antigens close to the skin surface in order to boost immunity and balance bacteria growth. When the skin is out of PH balance, whether due to external factors or diet, then bacteria, allergens, and foreign bodies are able to find their way through the skin barrier, and once into the blood stream, create inflammation, allergies, and breakouts. Everything that our skin comes into contact with directly impacts its pH. Our skin has natural mechanisms for retaining its balance, however it is OUR duty as consumers that we invest wisely in products that support that balance so that the skin can do its job! The same properties that allow soap to cut through oil also reduce the skin’s natural and protective acidity. Applied as a toner or spritzer, our Tulsi hydrosol (both Krishna and Vana varieties) is lovely tool for restoring the skin’s natural acidity, bringing it back into balance so that it can breathe and glow!