NONI – The All Everything MEDICINE



It was over 10 years ago now that Genna and I began wild-harvesting Noni Leaves and crafting tea from this most potent all-everything medicine. We would go on jungle hikes to waterfalls, white sand beaches and jungle homes to pick the kindest of leaves. There was this one Noni tree in Moloa’a Bay that was so robust, abundant and giving; and a dreamy waterfall hike in Kilauea that would allow us to fill backpacks with the darkest of green Noni leaves; and a beautiful zone down by Anini Beach that was always lush with rich, healthy leaves and so easy to access on a whim. We soon began making tea with the Noni Leaves, and started selling it at the farmers market and in local Kauai health food stores. We were having so much fun wild-harvesting and crafting Noni Leaf tea, and were so grateful to be able to use this plant to heal, and provide this beautiful healing medicine to other people.Drinking Noni Leaf Tea became our personal gateway to true plant medicine (Kauai style) and we truly believed it had the potency, abundance, and balance to heal the world.

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Get Alkaline & Feel More Alive

Alkaline foods protect, strengthen and fortify the human body, spirit and mind. Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, spring water and herbs are super-alkalizing and are the facilitators of a healthy PH in the body; enabling self-awareness and the ability to make conscious lifestyle choices to further propel the body’s systems into a state of balance and equilibrium.

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Noni

Getting to the heart of the matter. I walked into the Kauai Farmacy office & was pleasantly surprised to find one of our team members wearing a giant Noni leaf over her heart. When I asked why she was wearing the Noni leaf, she replied “Isn’t that what you guys do?” Doug & I laughed. It is what we do.

About nine years ago, we were fully immersed in experiencing this remarkable Polynesian Herb; brewing the leaves into tea; eating them; curing them, submerging in Noni bath water, and even wearing the leaves until they sweated the toxins from our bodies; helping to heal us on the surface level & more deeply connect us to the truth behind Nature’s medicine.

At that time, many people had shared their experiences with the plant’s pungent, stinky fruit counterpart; a popular Polynesian healer in its own right. However, it was the leaf that captivated us.

The Noni leaf is super circulatory, & is responsible for pumping more oxygen-rich blood to our vital organs; making it an excellent aid in strengthening our cardiovascular system, & enabling us to feel more alert & alive. The Noni leaf also contains ursolic acid, a compound that reduces inflammation; boosts metabolism and stimulates weight loss. It is becoming more widely known for its detoxifying & tumor-preventative properties, as it contains compounds that actively break up free radicals & blockages in the body that can lead to illness. It’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & bone-restorative abilities, are amongst its many healing characteristics.

We use the Noni leaf (aka Morinda Citrifolia), in our Puritea Cleanse Powder, Wellness Tea, & Vitalitea.

We are beyond grateful to the Noni plant for introducing us into the realm of self-healing & the power of plant medicine.

From our hearts to yours,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

This is What Medicine Looks Like!

?TURMERIC (aka Olena) harvested fresh today. This is what medicine looks like! This golden cluster of turmeric was harvested for my dear friend and one of your medicine-makers, who took a surfboard to the shin.

Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory, as well as an herb esteemed for clearing infection and cleansing open wounds. It is highly circulatory, a brilliant line of defense when it comes to cardiovascular health, and due to its high levels of the compound curcumin, it is excellent in breaking down free radicals that can lead to illness.

Turmeric can be consumed in teas, smoothies, culinary dishes and used topically. This herb may just be the most all-around medicine we have here on the farm.

Today, we will use the raw, cold-pressed juice of the Turmeric rhizome to apply liberally over the wound, as well as consume it internally.

This herb makes its way into almost every one of our teas. The blends that have a high percentage of Turmeric include our 100% TURMERIC powder, CACOA OLENA, CURRY spice blend, and VITALITEA.

Healing each other one plant at a time,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

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Turmeric: All-around Medicinal Herb

Kauai Farmacy Turmeric Powder, anyone? This may be the most potent turmeric powder commercially available anywhere. Turmeric, aka Olena in Hawaiian, is renown for its active compound, curcumin. Olena may be the most all-around medicinal herb we have here on the farm; specifically useful for boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation; increasing circulation; and strengthening the heart and liver.

Turmeric is an active ingredient in our: Cacao Olena, Love Potion, Puritea Clease Powder, Wellness, Women’s Wellness, and Vitalitea.