Turmeric – Strengthening the Heart and Liver…

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), aka Olena in Hawai’ian, is revered for its highly circulatory, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting properties. This is due to Turmeric’s active compound Curcumin (the component also responsible for its signature golden color).

We take careful measures to harvest our turmeric when all the leaves fall back, rendering a surge in potency for the bellowing underground rhizome. The medicine is harvested at this time; prepped and dehydrated soon thereafter; enabling us to powder and deliver it while it is freshest, most potent, and most effective.

Great for strengthening the heart and liver function, promoting excess weight loss, and breaking up calcified matter in the body; that may lead to dis-ease and degenerative organ function. Turmeric is an active ingredient in many of our fine herb blends for this reason.

This is a true golden recipe. Adding Turmeric to meals daily, drinking it in tea form, and applying it topically for skin irritations, wounds, and infections will aid in healthier lifestyle performance. We wish you all a golden day every day! Sending you ? from the whole Kauai Farmacy team xoxoxo


This herb is a game-changer

TURMERIC (aka Olena in Hawai’ian): Olena is a most valued herb in Hawaiian and Ayurvedic Medicine for everyday Well-Being; Vitality; Healthy Heart; Strong Immune System; Anti-inflammatory; and Liver Cleanser. It could be the most all-around medicine in the herbal plant world that we have found to date.

Turmeric is found in everyday living in so many cultures around the world as a spice, skin-care, and internal tonic medicine. Its exciting to think that this herb has only recently landed on the “western” side of the planet, just in time to aid us in our wellness evolution.

Sprinkle on foods; brew as a tea; add to smoothies. This herb is a game-changer. Find any way to integrate our super-fresh, Kauai-grown Turmeric into your lifestyle.

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