Being Present with Tulsi

As soon as you step into the garden at Kauai Farmacy, you find yourself surrounded by a myriad of flourishing herbs. Some brush against your arm as they reach out into the pathway, some rest timidly upon the ground, seeking shade and privacy, while others meet you eye-to-eye with brilliant shades of blossoming flowers. Each day these plants grow, while each season catalyzes a transformation in each of our plants— some hail the sun during our summer months, while others praise the rain of our wet winters. The one herb who remains consistently vigorous and resilient, however, is Tulsi.

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Pouring Our Love into What We Do

Pouring our Love into what we do on the daily. This Tulsi harvest is just entering the solar dehydrators where it will be cured raw and blended by our team of herbalists to create balanced and potent herbal plant medicine in the form of herbal teas and powders. Plant medicine made delicious!

With Love and Aloha,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Is Your Basket Half Full or Half Empty?

Is your basket half full or half empty?
Harvesting Tulsi (aka Holy Basil) and taking in the sweet and fragrant aroma of the Tulsi blossoms. There’s something magical about hand-harvesting these herbs; there is an energetic exchange of gratitude that takes place.


The plants are happier and healthier when culled and pruned; and we collectively are happier and healthier when receiving their nutritional and medicinal offerings.

This bounty of medicine will make its way into the solar dehydrators where they will be slow-cured in raw form. These dehydrated leaves and blossoms will greet our herbalists and tea-makers in a few days time (some herbs can take up to a week), when the plants are at their highest concentration levels of vitamins and minerals. These potent loose Tulsi leaves will be blended with other Kauai Farmacy garden herbs into masterful healing blends like our Love Potion (chai-flavored) tea and our Children’s Wellness (sweet, hibiscus-flavored) tea.
From these baskets to your cup in less than two weeks time is unheard of when it comes to the art of herbal tea-making and plant medicine. We do this because we believe that this is the ultimate way to preserve the true intention of the plants, along with its subtle yet powerful consciousness.

Love, the Kauai Farmacy Team. xoxoxo

Another Kind of Wealth

Flashback photo of a market in india

I took this photo about 12 years ago when Doug and I were trekking across Rajasthan INDIA. Rajasthan literally translates into “The Land of the Kings”. This photo captures metaphorically and literally genuine WEALTH; Not the kind based on global statistics; not the kind that is measured in minted coins and printed dollar bills; But instead, the wealth that comes from a vibrant economy producing abundant foods, spices, and plant medicine; ultimately translating into the health and well-being of a community as a whole.

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Tulsi Holy Basil – This Plant Changed Our Lives

Tulsi Holy Basil – Kauai Farmacy’s Elixir of Life:

This plant has changed our lives! Tulsi, otherwise known as the Holy Basil plant, is a daily herbal tonic that has helped heal me and my family. Tulsi is now the most prolific plant in our gardens. This plant makes its way into the herbal medicine, supplements, culinary powders we grow here on the Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii; Through a thoughtful, environmentally-friendly and loving process that exceeds all others of its kind, this plant makes its way from seed to cups around the world.

This video is will take you into the depths of this ‘elixir of life’ through the vision of Kauai Farmacy’s family-farm. Feel More Alive with Tulsi!

Tulsi – The Elixir of Life

In Hinduism and Ayurvedic Medicine, Tulsi or Holy Basil is revered for its spiritual healing, mental awakening, and physical calming powers. More specifically, Tulsi Basil is known for its calming of the respiratory and digestive systems. Referred to as the Elixir of Life, it is a tonic herb that can be consumed morning, day and night for daily health and wellness; in order to increase circulation and provide calming energy. As a slightly warming herb, Tulsi Basil is anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial; used daily as an immune booster as well as for acute issues to dissolve skin, bronchial and digestive blockages and infections that typically arise from the consumption of acidic foods. For example, Tulsi systematically cleanses the body of built-up mucous from dairy, lard from meat, and yeast from gluten, as well as toxic chemicals and synthetic sugars.
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