Get Alkaline & Feel More Alive

Alkaline foods protect, strengthen and fortify the human body, spirit and mind. Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, spring water and herbs are super-alkalizing and are the facilitators of a healthy PH in the body; enabling self-awareness and the ability to make conscious lifestyle choices to further propel the body’s systems into a state of balance and equilibrium.

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Up close and Personal with Cinnamon

Getting up close and personal with Cinnamon (pictured above) and over 60+ variety of herbs in our medicinal gardens.

Did you know that Cinnamon has been used historically for its medicinal properties, and has been a highly valued gift in ancient times. Cinnamon is highly circulatory, reduces inflammation, and balances cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It’s high levels of antioxidants, anti-microbial benefits, and it’s ability to help treat bacterial and yeast conditions make this delicious, culinary herb a top contributor in our Love Potion (chai-flavored) tea, our Endurance powder, and our Vitalitea.

Smell the aromas of high vibration plant medicine, taste the herbal teas & spices; and fully indulge yourself in our herbal oasis. Reserve online for a guided herbal experience.

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Not All Chocolate is Created Equal

Chocolate is derived from the seeds of this Cacao pod. These sweet, white, pulpy beans are loaded with vitamin C, while the bitter bean hiding inside each pulpy shroud contains abundant antioxidants. Cacao is high in magnesium and other nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals in its raw state that deem this herb a true super herb.
Don’t be fooled though: like all things, not all chocolate is created equal; most commercially-made chocolate is made using high heat in its roasting process; losing much of the health benefits cacao is historically known for. “Chocolate” companies also add copious amounts of sugar to sweeten the organic bitter, earthy, mineral-rich taste of cacao; unfortunately like chocolate, not all sugar is created equal either.

When chocolate is labeled in percentages; i.e. 50% dark; this begs the question…what is in the other 50% Typically, this means that 50% of the final product is typically processed sugar or other sweeteners.
We take careful consideration when growing and preparing this magnesium-rich, decadent superfood; using slow-curing, solar dehydrators; rather than cooking it with high heat. Our artisanal curing process protects the cacaos integrity and it’s profound health benefits.

Yup, I said it; Guiltless cacao! We powder and inoculate this herb into our Love Potion tea, Cacao+ Olena Spice Blend, and Endurance Superfood powder.
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This is What Medicine Looks Like!

?TURMERIC (aka Olena) harvested fresh today. This is what medicine looks like! This golden cluster of turmeric was harvested for my dear friend and one of your medicine-makers, who took a surfboard to the shin.

Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory, as well as an herb esteemed for clearing infection and cleansing open wounds. It is highly circulatory, a brilliant line of defense when it comes to cardiovascular health, and due to its high levels of the compound curcumin, it is excellent in breaking down free radicals that can lead to illness.

Turmeric can be consumed in teas, smoothies, culinary dishes and used topically. This herb may just be the most all-around medicine we have here on the farm.

Today, we will use the raw, cold-pressed juice of the Turmeric rhizome to apply liberally over the wound, as well as consume it internally.

This herb makes its way into almost every one of our teas. The blends that have a high percentage of Turmeric include our 100% TURMERIC powder, CACOA OLENA, CURRY spice blend, and VITALITEA.

Healing each other one plant at a time,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

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This Herb Promotes Hair Growth

Freshly harvested Galangal Ginger (aka Thai Ginger) Root Slices – ready to make their way into the solar dehydrators. Galangal Ginger has a sweet aroma, and a sweet, spicy flavor that our tea-makers love! Did you know that this Indonesian rhizome promotes healthy hair growth, aids in rejuvenating the skin, supports proper digestive function, increases circulation, strengthens the immune system and helps address nausea? Galangal Ginger is in our Love Potion tea, Endurance powder, Women’s Wellness tea, Wellness tea & Curry spice blend.

Awaken and Alkalize

Ask yourself, is your morning fuel keeping you young, healthy & cognitively vibrant? After personally feeling the aftermath of years of adrenal fatigue from drinking roasted coffee, I have learned first-hand that alkalinity rules the day! I’ve since joined the alkalizing juice and herbal tea-drinking ranks, and it has become blatantly apparent to me that how we start our day, really does matter!

Kickstarting the day with alkaline foods & herbs like our Vitalitea tea or our Endurance powder sprinkled over morning meals/into smoothies, draws you to engage in healthier behaviors throughout the day. By transforming your morning ritual from one that is acidic & draining, to one that is alkalizing & awakening, you are choosing significant life-lasting changes that energize you, create mental clarity, return you to your youth & make you Feel More Alive! Moral of the story…WAKE UP & SMELL THE HERBAL TEA!

VITALITEAGotu Kola, Tulsi, Yacon, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Mulberry, Noni Leaf, Rosemary

ENDURANCE powderTulsi, Allspice, Cinnamon, Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Yellow & Galangal Ginger

Ashwagandha, the Sexual Wellness Herb with the Power of Longevity

Herb Files at Kauai Farmacy. Ashwagandha, the Sexual Wellness Herb with the Power to Longevity.

Recovering from a Fast Paced Life Style Takes Time

I have always been taught that energy is what you “use up”, until you are tired; or that energy is what you “use” until you are depleted of it. After using up all our energy playing sports or running errands, we typically crave to replenish our fleeting energy through binge eating and drinking; sometimes even manifesting into “sicknesses” with “pneumonia” or “flu” like symptoms.

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