Gearing Up for More Comfrey

Gearing up to offer you MORE Comfrey Cast, MORE Comfrey Salves & MORE Comfrey Hydrosols. These Comfrey plants are ready to graduate from the nursery and make their way into the Kauai Farmacy Gardens where they can thrive within the existing biodiverse plant community.

Comfrey is the ideal companion plant, breaking up the soil with its strong, deep roots; providing nitrogen to the soil and plants around it; and keeping the predators and weeds away. We love comfrey for so many reasons.

With a little sun, rain and love from our experienced Permaculture gardeners, these plants will grow to maturity, heeding bone, ligament, joint and skin rejuvenation for all in need!

Crafting with Passion,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Comfrey: Cast, Salve & Hydrosol

Having these Kauai Farmacy Comfrey products is a true comfort in every essence of the word. Comfrey, (aka “Knit-bone”, “warrior plant” or “miracle plant”) is used for injuries & trauma to bones, joints, & ligaments; as well as for rapid cell regeneration. The comfrey plant simultaneously calms the breath, helps circulate the prana, calls in the water to hydrate, detoxes & alkalizes the system, & provides nourishing vitamins & minerals (i.e. allantoin) from the deep soil.

In order of our product’s potency: Comfrey Cast; Comfrey Salve; & Comfrey Hydrosol. The Comfrey plant is responsible for healing my son’s fractured wrist, my husband’s broken nose & broken clavicle, deep wounds on our dog & everything in between. I cannot express how much this plant means to me & my family. It is probably why we have created not one, but three very unique & versatile methods of applying it to one’s body.

The Comfrey Cast is 100% pure Comfrey root powder – simply reconstitute the potent powder with water; apply to the injured area; allow adequate time to dry into a fruit leather-like cast; keep on for as long as possible; peel off to remove, wet & scrub, or allow to crackle dry off.

The Salve is comprised of Comfrey leaf, Root, Kauai Beeswax & Cold-pressed raw coconut oil, prepared for easy application – simply massage into the skin to deeply penetrate the injured areas for regeneration & revitalization.

Lastly, but not least, Comfrey Hydrosol is steam distilled Comfrey leaf that holds the liquid essence of the plant & its combined suspended oils. To apply: Mist the area generously & reapply as needed.

For major injuries, I like to use all three interchangeably. The hydrosol & salve can also conveniently be used for daily maintenance & optimal body performance.

Putting love into every batch,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo


See how a Kauai Farmacy Comfrey Cast is applied to the spinal column of a young lady who has a history of Scoliosis, wearing a back brace for five years of her life. She has since been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and came to Kauai Farmacy seeking herbs to aid in her personal healing journey and to calm her nervous system. Hear what she had to say after receiving her first Comfrey Cast Spinal treatment by watching the video.

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Using Comfrey Root to Heal Bones

About two years ago, while climbing our mango tree, my son fell twenty feet & broke his wrist. Actually, his hand was hanging off his wrist ; (Within moments, we covered his arm with Comfrey Root (aka the Knit-Bone plant). He went from agony to calm in moments. We witnessed in real-time the improved circulation, as his hand and fingers gained movement. He kept the comfrey cast on overnight. He was back to climbing trees within the week. Pretty remarkable. This experience, as well as healing Doug’s broken nose, my youngest daughter’s hematoma, a client’s broken toe (see the testimonial BROKEN TOE HEALED!), and countless other healing miracles, has reinforced our belief in the power of this potent Comfrey root powder.

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