Hand-Harvesting Loose Leaf Herbs

We artisanally craft & hand-harvest our loose leaf herbs, as though we are making tea from our own backyard garden. It’s the only way!

Our super diverse gardens create healthy soil with a unique compilation of dense vitamins & minerals. This diversification also creates a symbiotic and powerful immune system that lends itself to closed-loop, organic, permaculture gardening; as opposed to more machine oriented, mono-cropped, chemical farming & mono-cultured soil, such as from planting rows and rows of the same plants for hundreds or even thousands of acres.

This Cranberry Hibiscus is one of the eighty plus herbal plants that have derived from this close-loop diverse gardening system. We add this sweet & sour, antioxidant & vitamin C-rich, immune-boosting herb to our Children’s Wellness & Women’s Wellness tea blends.

You can enjoy our Hibiscus Iced Tea exclusively at the Hanalei Bread Company & JO2 Restuarant.

Hand-harvesting plant medicine with utmost care,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

What Unprocessed Stevia Looks Like

STEVIA. This is what unprocessed, whole leaf Stevia looks like. This plant is remarkable; as it has the power to sweeten, and the potency to balance blood sugar levels in the body. This makes Stevia a perfect culinary companion herb for Diabetics as well as for people striving to shed excess weight.

Stevia is in our: Buzz Chew, Cacoa Olena, Children’s Wellness Tea, Green Energy, Tranquility, & Tropical Hibiscus Tea.

Sending you sweet herbal love,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Mahalo For Your Healing & Your Harvest

“Mahalo (Thank you) for your healing & your harvest” is a phrase that echoes throughout the gardens when the herbs are being culled & pruned. My children now utter this precious sentiment as their scissors clip the very leaves that will soon become herbal teas & powders they’ll consume to keep them growing strong & healthy. Their favorite: the Children’s Wellness Tea.

In the Polynesian culture, one respects all nature; and teaches to harvest with pure intention & take only what is needed.

At Kauai Farmacy, all our planting & harvesting is done by hand. Our tools are simple: shovels, wheelbarrows & shears & hand saws. You will not hear the revving of engines backhoe-ing or chainsaws during harvest time. It is a time of peace & serenity: A time of highest gratitude for the offerings each individual plant offers in exchange for a healthy trim. We harvest with the intention of using the plant life & returning its unused parts back to the base of the plants to compost as a return gift of gratitude to nurture the soil once again.

Many Polynesians believe that all things nature house a spiritual connection to their ancestry. We have just begun to experience the power of these plants in this way. It is quite the humbling experience.

So it has now become ritual for our gardeners to speak and sing to the plants, referring to them as “her” or “him”. Acknowledging their life force. And our medicine is simply transmitting the subtle yet powerful energies that they have been cultivated & crafted with.

We have been humbled, healed & strengthened by these plants. They are our guardians & teachers. Sharing their information & crafting them into delicious & convenient healing remedies for those in need is our Dharma or Kuleana (responsibility).

With Loving Aloha,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxo


Kauai Farmacy Roselle Jam RECIPE
Can you say Mmmmm?!?
A fun, experimental recipe turned into a delicious condiment packed with life-enhancing wellness herbs: Tulsi, Roselle, Blue Vervain, Lime Balm, Lemon Balm, Gotu Kola, Cranberry Hibiscus & Stevia.
  1. Shuck 4 dozen roselle buds (Only the outside petals) – Can also substitute with any delicious fresh fruit of choice
  2. Pour water over the roselle petals until they are just fully covered
  3. Add two tablespoons of Kauai Farmacy Children’s wellness herbal tea
  4. Add two slices of fresh orange peel
  5. Place on stove top and brew until full-bodied (approximately 15 minutes)
  6. Strain red Roselle liquid into a clean saucepan (you can strain by pressing back of spoon into stainless steel mesh or hand-ring through cheesecloth)
  7. Add organic local honey and reduce down on low heat until liquid thickens (spoon test: dip spoon; liquid should still pour freely off spoon, but will also coat the spoon)
  8. Remove from heat. Pour into a glass mason jar
  9. Allow to cool to room temperature & Enjoy!
Some fun ways to enjoy your Roselle Jam:
  • As a dip for sliced coconut
  • As a spread on baked taro (can use sweet potato, breadfruit or yam as an alternate option)
  • As a dressing over frozen smoothie cubes
  • As a filling for nut-butter energy balls
  • And all the ways jam has been used in culinary dishes historically

Is Your Basket Half Full or Half Empty?

Is your basket half full or half empty?
Harvesting Tulsi (aka Holy Basil) and taking in the sweet and fragrant aroma of the Tulsi blossoms. There’s something magical about hand-harvesting these herbs; there is an energetic exchange of gratitude that takes place.


The plants are happier and healthier when culled and pruned; and we collectively are happier and healthier when receiving their nutritional and medicinal offerings.

This bounty of medicine will make its way into the solar dehydrators where they will be slow-cured in raw form. These dehydrated leaves and blossoms will greet our herbalists and tea-makers in a few days time (some herbs can take up to a week), when the plants are at their highest concentration levels of vitamins and minerals. These potent loose Tulsi leaves will be blended with other Kauai Farmacy garden herbs into masterful healing blends like our Love Potion (chai-flavored) tea and our Children’s Wellness (sweet, hibiscus-flavored) tea.
From these baskets to your cup in less than two weeks time is unheard of when it comes to the art of herbal tea-making and plant medicine. We do this because we believe that this is the ultimate way to preserve the true intention of the plants, along with its subtle yet powerful consciousness.

Love, the Kauai Farmacy Team. xoxoxo