Kauai Farmacy Gardens: Bioregional Farm-to-Apothecary

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December 2018
Text by Juliet Blankespoor and Devon Kelley-Mott
Photography by Juliet Blankespoor

Last winter, I had the pleasure of visiting the Kauai Farmacy Gardens with my family on a visit to Kauai, affectionately known as the Hawaiian “Garden Island.” I was intrigued by their thriving tropical farm-to-apothecary business model and was eager to meet the plants and people involved. Doug Wolkon, one of the co-founders of the gardens, generously spent an afternoon with us, showing us around the plantings and apothecary. Continue reading

We’ll See you in Kauai!

Monday through Friday from 10am – 3pm our Tea Lanai is open to all

Every weekday we open the gates to the farm and welcome visitors from all over the world to visit us, enjoy pots of tea, sample and buy our Kauai-grown, seed-to-table, herbal products.

We love to talk story, share herbal knowledge and exchange plant healing experiences with our guests.

Doug and Garden Tour

Doug tours a group through the Kauai Farmacy gardens

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Endurance Oranges

Citrus Herbal Party Platter: Treat your guests or go single-serving with this slice-and-serve, seasonal, immune-boosting citrus-taster.

Dusted with our zingy, heart-healthy ?Ginger powder or Endurance blend; decorated with fresh, power plant herbs ? like mint, blue vervain, pineapple sage, blue butterfly ? pea and mint; and lastly glazed with the golden nectar from our honey hive ??, this dish provides nourishing vitamins, minerals and amino acids to keep our immune systems strong, our sensory system (aka nervous system) calm and our digestive system quenched with metabolizing allies for a healthy gut.


Local Herbal Tea Farm Kaua‘i Farmacy Will Spice Up Your Beauty Routine



We love supporting small businesses that emphasize organic, locally grown products. So when Kaua‘i Farmacy sent us some of its all-natural, Kaua‘i-made skincare items to try, we couldn’t resist.

Located in Kīlauea, the tea farm is the love child of East Coast transplants Doug and Genna Wolkon, who bought 4 lush acres back in 2010, intent on creating healing herbal products. Now, along with teas, spices and tinctures, the Wolkons are brewing up botanical beauty products made using organic plants and herbs.



So far, their foray into skincare has yielded two products—the Comfrey Salve and the Botanical Body Butter. Made with organic coconut oil, local beeswax and comfrey grown on their farm, the Comfrey Salve soothes even the tensest of sore muscles. After using it for a week on my aching shoulders, I can attest that it nicely relieved tension.

Supercharged with organic coconut oil, local beeswax, cacao, turmeric, noni, tea tree and gotu kola, the Body Butter is packed with all-natural goodness. After washing my face, patting dry and applying, this cocoa-scented butter restored moisture to my skin and left it feeling smooth and fresh.

Kaua‘i Farmacy’s lineup of beauty products is seasonal and changes depending on the availability of ingredients. We’re looking forward to the springtime Healing Beauty Balm, a calendula-based formula beloved for its honey scent and soothing properties.

Botanical Body Butter, $24, Comfrey Salve, $24. kauaifarmacy.com.


An Inside Glimpse Into Kauai Farmacy

Energy Muse Blog


For most people who live in the city and get their food from grocery stores, a trip to the farm can be a therapeutic experience. Eating your food fresh off the vine does more than nourish the body, it nourishes the spirit as well. That’s the philosophy behind the Kauai Farmacy. This 4-acre farm on the garden island of Kauai grows medicinal herbs and spices, so that visitors can enjoy teas brewed with the curative properties of the earth.

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