Trust has always been defined through my relationships with others – trusting friends, trusting someone with a secret, or even trusting someone with love. As I grew older, the word “trust” became a central theme in business partnerships. In each case, the underlying notion of the concept of trust always involved another person or thing, and centered around whether or not I could implicitly trust them.

Thinking back, however, the concept of trust has always conjured about nervous feelings of fear and doubt. For, I was never fully taught the concept of trusting myself. Therefor trusting others, or the universe for that matter, was extremely challenging for me. In truth, how could I trust someone or something, if I didn’t myself? Continue reading

NONI – The All Everything MEDICINE



It was over 10 years ago now that Genna and I began wild-harvesting Noni Leaves and crafting tea from this most potent all-everything medicine. We would go on jungle hikes to waterfalls, white sand beaches and jungle homes to pick the kindest of leaves. There was this one Noni tree in Moloa’a Bay that was so robust, abundant and giving; and a dreamy waterfall hike in Kilauea that would allow us to fill backpacks with the darkest of green Noni leaves; and a beautiful zone down by Anini Beach that was always lush with rich, healthy leaves and so easy to access on a whim. We soon began making tea with the Noni Leaves, and started selling it at the farmers market and in local Kauai health food stores. We were having so much fun wild-harvesting and crafting Noni Leaf tea, and were so grateful to be able to use this plant to heal, and provide this beautiful healing medicine to other people.Drinking Noni Leaf Tea became our personal gateway to true plant medicine (Kauai style) and we truly believed it had the potency, abundance, and balance to heal the world.

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