An Inside Glimpse Into Kauai Farmacy

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For most people who live in the city and get their food from grocery stores, a trip to the farm can be a therapeutic experience. Eating your food fresh off the vine does more than nourish the body, it nourishes the spirit as well. That’s the philosophy behind the Kauai Farmacy. This 4-acre farm on the garden island of Kauai grows medicinal herbs and spices, so that visitors can enjoy teas brewed with the curative properties of the earth.

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Morning Gardens at Kauai Farmacy

Kauai-grown organic herb garden with plants like turmeric, cacao, tulsi, bele spinach, chaste, tea tree, pineapple sage, mint, lemongrass, cranberry hibiscus, coffee, ginger, gotukola, comfrey organic permaculture biodiverse hand-harvested to make tea from the source. Plant medicine is a lifestyle. Heal yo’ self!

Being Present with Tulsi

As soon as you step into the garden at Kauai Farmacy, you find yourself surrounded by a myriad of flourishing herbs. Some brush against your arm as they reach out into the pathway, some rest timidly upon the ground, seeking shade and privacy, while others meet you eye-to-eye with brilliant shades of blossoming flowers. Each day these plants grow, while each season catalyzes a transformation in each of our plants— some hail the sun during our summer months, while others praise the rain of our wet winters. The one herb who remains consistently vigorous and resilient, however, is Tulsi.

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It’s That Bee – Our First Honey Harvest

Our three year old daughter shares her insights on bees, her favorite plants in the garden to nibble on, and our delicious first-ever honey harvest and tasting; a precious little honey bee’s delightful perspective. Enjoy!

Kauai Farmacy Honey…may be coming soon! All our products are 100% Kauai-grown on our herbal farm in Kilauea on the Garden Island of Kauai. Each plant has been kissed by the honey bees that reside in our back pasture.