Kukui Nut Oil – The Finest Oil on the Planet!

This Kukui Nut Oil is the Finest Oil on the Planet!

Pressing oil from Kukui nuts is an ancient practice of Polynesia.

Kukui nut oil historically has been used: to condition, moisturize, and eliminate fine lines from the skin; to protect the skin of newborn babies; to seal wooded drums; and to light torches (hence it’s nickname, the candlenut tree).

We cold-press this precious youth serum raw, in small batches. The ultimate moisturizer, Kukui Nut oil may be the finest oil on the planet for rejuvenation of skin, hair and nails.

The Kukui Nut tree is the Hawai’ian State tree.

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Turmeric – Strengthening the Heart and Liver…

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), aka Olena in Hawai’ian, is revered for its highly circulatory, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting properties. This is due to Turmeric’s active compound Curcumin (the component also responsible for its signature golden color).

We take careful measures to harvest our turmeric when all the leaves fall back, rendering a surge in potency for the bellowing underground rhizome. The medicine is harvested at this time; prepped and dehydrated soon thereafter; enabling us to powder and deliver it while it is freshest, most potent, and most effective.

Great for strengthening the heart and liver function, promoting excess weight loss, and breaking up calcified matter in the body; that may lead to dis-ease and degenerative organ function. Turmeric is an active ingredient in many of our fine herb blends for this reason.

This is a true golden recipe. Adding Turmeric to meals daily, drinking it in tea form, and applying it topically for skin irritations, wounds, and infections will aid in healthier lifestyle performance. We wish you all a golden day every day! Sending you ? from the whole Kauai Farmacy team xoxoxo


I Love You Ohana!

Our girls wrote a message for you using Red Mountain Apple Blossoms. In Hawai’ian, we’ve grown to understand that ‘Ohana’ is an extended family; one that lives with the spirit of Aloha and Kuleana (responsibility) to support and care for one another.

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Steam-Distilled Plant Medicine

Kauai Farmacy Hydrosols: steam-distilled plant medicine, with essential oils. Seasonal offerings.

Tulsi – Purify with the Elixir of Life: #theultimateinhaler #self-awareness #aromatherapy

Tea Tree – Rejuvenate with this skin-care sanitizer. #malaleuca #cleaneverything #antiseptic

Comfrey – Regenerate bones, tendons, ligaments, & muscles with the Warrior Plant. #knit-bone #first-aid #thebestbonemedicine

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Planting Herbal Medicine in Ritual

These herb starts are being transplanted. Breathing them a little extra life-force in the process helps them in their early stages of life.

We consciously inhale oxygen from the plants, and reciprocate by exhaling carbon dioxide for these magical, life-providing plants – It is a beautiful, symbiotic relationship – Kauai-style.