How to Rejuvenate your Skin with Turmeric & Honey


It was so much fun getting treated to a Turmeric honey face mask during this recent video. Check out our YouTube channel (Kauai Farmacy) to learn the health benefits of using our Turmeric powder topically, and click on this link to see the full face mask demonstration on “How to Rejuvenate your Skin with Turmeric & Honey”.

Turmeric has been used topically for centuries. Mixed with raw, local, organic honey this antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory, cell-restorative face mask is simple to prepare and apply; enlivening, brightening and rejuvenating your complexion.

Face Mask Treatment: combine 1-1.5 parts Kauai Farmacy Turmeric powder with 1 part local, raw, organic honey; Mix thoroughly, apply to face; massage into skin; allow to penetrate pores for 10+ minutes; remove with a warm wet wash towel (use a wash cloth that you can designate to this practice as the Turmeric will stain).


Treat yourself – You deserve it!
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Medicine at Your Feet

Medicine at your feet. Passiflora incarnate, Passion flowers laying on a bed of Self-Heal. These vibrant flowers climb gracefully along our garden fence. It is almost impossible to walk by them without pausing to appreciate their beauty and mystique; and a conversation often follows about its beauty and potency to support restorative sleep and muscle relaxation. The Passion Flower is considered to be one of the best sedatives available in the West; it also grows prolifically here on Kauai, in Hawaii. Plant it on a fence or a post and watch it take over.

The Passion Flower is also called Lilikoi in Hawaiian. This herb is known for its ability to relax muscles and calm the nervous system; making the Passion flower an excellent sleep aid, and an active ingredient in our Tranquility blend.

Additionally, the plant acts as an antispasmodic, and helps to relieve nerve pain, painful menses, and headaches.

Kauai Farmacy’s exquisite Tranquility Blend is comprised of herbs for restoration, cleansing, calming & longevity:

Ingredients: Tulsi, Lilikoi leaf, Mint, Valerian, Stevia, Blue Vervain, & Lemon Balm, Lavender, Tarragon and Lilikoi Flower.

Exotic is beautiful,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Timeless Tradition

Still and silent, the tea kettle waits…waiting, exercising unrelenting patience with statuesque perfection in a timeless tradition.

As the glassy water bath within the kettle’s belly fills with champagne-like bubbles, patience begins to take its toll. Like a small child awaiting a surprise wrapped in shiny paper with ribbon beneath an evergreen the night before holiday; the heated kettle gets excited. It can wait no longer.

An endless emergence of steamy vapor erupts from the kettle spout like a bird taking flight. It hollers with a vocal pitch as high as a kite can fly. The mounted energetic pressure is freed from its confinement. Escaping. Fleeting. Freeing itself. A preamble of what is to come.

Again, we wait. This time together. The bubbles cease. The water tempers. The infusion begins; a heaping pinch of garden enters the teapots core, amber saturating the water’s crystal translucency; depositing the offerings of each plant’s genetic code and frequency with every steeping moment.

The pour. The lift. The first sip entering my mouth, like a portal to the depths of my molecular makeup and spiritual likeness. Warming. Nurturing. Strengthening. Calming. I now hold in cupped hands, the power to free the build-up of life’s daily pressures like the spout’s own release moments earlier. Relaxing into its aromatic and decadent flavors, I surrender.

Liquid Kauai-grown minerals and vitamins flood my internal cavern, quenching my organs desire for balance and rejuvenation. My heart pumps to a beat of gratitude sending waves of oxygen-rich rivers through my labyrinth of veins and arteries. I am awake. I am alert. I am alive. Alive with clarity. Enriched with the plants alchemy embedded in the infusion, I feel empowered, impermeable, and spiritually renewed.

From Seed to Cup,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxox

Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

Sunrise awakens the garden, an herbal oasis yawning a breath of oxygen for us all to consume. How thoughtful. How selfless. How life-giving she is.

Daybreak casts her rays onto the brilliant green canopy of abundant life & medicine. Misty dew blankets the garden plants like infinite diamonds left behind from the evening galactic rains. Swallowing the brisk, dense air of tropical vapors, while exploring the coming to life of this medicinal herbal oasis, reminds that there is no negative space in the wholeness of this environment. I am whole. I too, am connected.

The waking air is brisk, and the sanctuary of birds harmoniously sing their morning melodies. I close my eyes and welcome the sound waves to tickle my heart strings. Vibrant colorful flowers open their mouths wide, inviting the honey bees to dance upon them with glorious splendor. Divine sweet nectar.

Stroking passing leaves as wings flutter in rapid beat, the bees are the intelligent carriers of human survival. Silently, I give thanks to the neighboring honeybees sipping on the crimson red pineapple sage blossoms, for they are the true medicine makers. Humble. Unassuming. Void of ego. Magical buzzing wonders diligently assuming their kuleana (responsibility-graceful guidance) with their earthly contributions; pollinating each herbal plant one by one.

I relish in the aromatic wafts of high frequency perfumes that hover in the dense air. The sun inches higher, painting a pastel sky. Muffled voices echo in the distance. Sensing the gardeners and herbalists arriving, the plants are alive with erect stature, ready to perform their own kuleana. Turning one last time, as the team arrives, I gratefully soak in the abundant energy of nature’s medicine cabinet.

Straight from the Gardens,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Hand-Harvesting Loose Leaf Herbs

We artisanally craft & hand-harvest our loose leaf herbs, as though we are making tea from our own backyard garden. It’s the only way!

Our super diverse gardens create healthy soil with a unique compilation of dense vitamins & minerals. This diversification also creates a symbiotic and powerful immune system that lends itself to closed-loop, organic, permaculture gardening; as opposed to more machine oriented, mono-cropped, chemical farming & mono-cultured soil, such as from planting rows and rows of the same plants for hundreds or even thousands of acres.

This Cranberry Hibiscus is one of the eighty plus herbal plants that have derived from this close-loop diverse gardening system. We add this sweet & sour, antioxidant & vitamin C-rich, immune-boosting herb to our Children’s Wellness & Women’s Wellness tea blends.

You can enjoy our Hibiscus Iced Tea exclusively at the Hanalei Bread Company & JO2 Restuarant.

Hand-harvesting plant medicine with utmost care,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo