Herbal Lifestyle Revelations

Puakinikini lei making with my girls. We receive a gift each time we learn something new. It’s amazing when I see my children experiencing “first times” as they grow: pure revelations & enlightening discovery. There are infinite lessons & growth that shape who we are as growing individuals & as a community.

Similarly, the herbal lifestyle casts revelations in much the same way: abundant “first times” with each experience. Herbs have the power to ignite the childlike discoverers buried deep within each of us; We learn to feel our body again in new ways; we heighten our senses & tune into our intuitive selves on a cellular level, as the herbs begin to bring clarity to sensations that may have become dormant over time; we spiritually re-learn our primitive connection to nature with every sip; identifying our life force that is triggered with the intake of every vitamin & mineral; & we subconsciously re-prioritize what brings us most into balance – nutrition, hydration & rest.

Herbs help us to reveal truths about our short-comings & our lifestyle practices that aren’t serving us; The herbs help us learn that for some of us, habitual patterns are relentless & are not easily broken, challenging us to be patient & flexible; We learn that time plays a powerful role in our personal advancement & transformation, & that consuming the herbs over time takes personal dedication. And when injury presents itself, the practice of an herbal lifestyle aids us in rediscovering our calm breath. This alone is triumphant.

Herb consciousness is real. We may not always like what we discover; forcing us to delay transformation; however, herbal truths are here to remind us; to teach us; to evolve us to become our better selves when we are ready and willing to receive the lessons being gifted to us.

Its all about the lifestyle!
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Cacao Olena Coconut Veggie Wrap

By introducing Cacao Olena and Curry Blend into this recipe, we receive the health benefits of 9 additional mineral-rich, nutritious herbs. This on-the-go meal boosts immunity, balances metabolism, supports the heart and liver, and prevents cell oxidation that can lead to illness.

  • Slice carrots into sticks
  • Slice mature coconut meat into sticks
  • Chop leafy greens
  • lay 1 coconut wrap on flat surface

In a separate bowl combine until creamy:

  • 1/4 cup coconut cream
  • 3 tablespoons raw, organic, nut butter of choice
  • 1 tablespoon Cacao Olena powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Curry Blend
  • Add small amount of water for desired sauce consistency if needed.

Place sticks from corner to opposite corner into coconut wrap; add a small handful of lettuce; drizzle sauce along bed of lettuce; fold over bottom of wrap first; then slowly roll and tuck lettuce as you go for a snug wrap; apply a small dab of nut butter to seal the end of the wrap. Serve and Enjoy anywhere!


Kauai-Grown from Seed to Cup

From the garden…

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I do it. I still experience childish bliss when I walk into the nursery and discover that seeds I planted have manifested into tiny green sprouts!

Some of these seeds are so minuscule that I can’t even plant them on a windy day. How is it possible that this most humble of containers holds such tremendous life force?

The seed is the key to life. Not only plant life, but ours as well. We absolutely cannot survive without plants and trees. On the most fundamental level, the oxygen they create, gives us breath.

What a thought…that every seed that sprouts is in full support of providing us life. This is why I always start seeds with ceremony and pure intent. I am asking these plants to wake from their slumber and grow into medicine to benefit us all. These seeds have such a big task ahead of them, yet they seem so willing to do it with ease and grace.

As you sip your cup of tea, take a moment to reflect on it’s origins. Each leaf and each flower came from a plant that once upon a time, was only a tiny little seed. Notice how your breath has slowed a bit and deepened, as the aroma infiltrates your being. These plants that you are drinking were harvested with love just a few weeks before you received your tea. Their life force is still very strong.

If you haven’t planted seeds in a while, I invite you to do so. Just a small pot on the kitchen window sill will do. In this season of giving thanks, start a seed in gratitude to the plants and the trees. Allow yourself to take time to experience and contemplate the miracle of life.

Never lose faith in the power of the small.

Kauai-grown from seed to cup.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Noni

Getting to the heart of the matter. I walked into the Kauai Farmacy office & was pleasantly surprised to find one of our team members wearing a giant Noni leaf over her heart. When I asked why she was wearing the Noni leaf, she replied “Isn’t that what you guys do?” Doug & I laughed. It is what we do.

About nine years ago, we were fully immersed in experiencing this remarkable Polynesian Herb; brewing the leaves into tea; eating them; curing them, submerging in Noni bath water, and even wearing the leaves until they sweated the toxins from our bodies; helping to heal us on the surface level & more deeply connect us to the truth behind Nature’s medicine.

At that time, many people had shared their experiences with the plant’s pungent, stinky fruit counterpart; a popular Polynesian healer in its own right. However, it was the leaf that captivated us.

The Noni leaf is super circulatory, & is responsible for pumping more oxygen-rich blood to our vital organs; making it an excellent aid in strengthening our cardiovascular system, & enabling us to feel more alert & alive. The Noni leaf also contains ursolic acid, a compound that reduces inflammation; boosts metabolism and stimulates weight loss. It is becoming more widely known for its detoxifying & tumor-preventative properties, as it contains compounds that actively break up free radicals & blockages in the body that can lead to illness. It’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & bone-restorative abilities, are amongst its many healing characteristics.

We use the Noni leaf (aka Morinda Citrifolia), in our Puritea Cleanse Powder, Wellness Tea, & Vitalitea.

We are beyond grateful to the Noni plant for introducing us into the realm of self-healing & the power of plant medicine.

From our hearts to yours,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Plant Alchemy and Transformation

“Angel’s Myst.” This is a term deemed by organic farmer and distiller Ann Harman used to describe the pleasant aroma just moments before the hydrosol begins to drip from the still. The “myst” from this Tea Tree Hydrosol is ultra-potent with a sweet aroma; rejuvenating as it perfumes the tea kitchen air.

Partaking in this beautiful process of plant alchemy and transformation begins with the garden morning light; and with the course of the sun, eventually transforms itself into liquid magic to be captured in a glass bottle.

The making of hydrosols is a collaboration of our gardeners and herbalists working intimately together; setting intentions, and then with the tree’s permission, harvesting that which is willing to be transformed into liquid medicine to be shared with people across the planet.

We weigh out the contents, fill the still with water from a local spring, Makaleha, and prepare to capture the cellular water of the plant. Ann Harman writes in her book, Harvest to Hydrosol, “When a distillation is not rushed, and the plant is given time to release its treasures, we are rewarded with beautiful, complex waters.” These medicinal waters are what we refer to as the hydrosol, a term coined by Jeanne Rose in the early 1990’s.

Spritzing this medicine on yourself is an excellent way to disinfect, purify & invigorate your body, mind and soul. Tea Tree (aka Malaleuca) is a remarkable herb esteemed for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, & anti-septic cleansing properties.

If you are interested in learning more about this plant distillation process, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the work of both Ann Harman and Jeanne Rose.

Herbal Medicine – Its a lifestyle,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo


Harman, Ann. Harvest to Hydrosol. IAG Botanics LLC Dba BotANNicals, 2015.

What Unprocessed Stevia Looks Like

STEVIA. This is what unprocessed, whole leaf Stevia looks like. This plant is remarkable; as it has the power to sweeten, and the potency to balance blood sugar levels in the body. This makes Stevia a perfect culinary companion herb for Diabetics as well as for people striving to shed excess weight.

Stevia is in our: Buzz Chew, Cacoa Olena, Children’s Wellness Tea, Green Energy, Tranquility, & Tropical Hibiscus Tea.

Sending you sweet herbal love,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo

Anise Hyssop: The “Holy Herb”

The Bees delve in and out, & whizz around the conical cluster of purple flowers filled with sweet nectar on this fully-blooming HYSSOP plant.

This delicious sweet, minty, licorice-flavored, cough suppressing herb is combined with an array of Tulsi, Pineapple Sage, Mint, and Tarragon in our TULSI MINT Tea. This tea is excellent brewed hot or can be chilled as an iced tea. Just for fun, freeze the brew into ice pop trays for a delicious nutritious and refreshing treat.

Hyssop is esteemed for bringing relief to the respiratory; preventing nausea & stomachaches; aiding in digestion; increasing circulation; flushing out toxins; loosening phlegm; relieving pain; fighting infection; & cleansing the mouth & gums.

Hyssop, is in the mint family and is antioxidant-rich and immune-boosting. The origin of it’s name, means “Holy herb” and has been used historically to cleanse evil spirits.

In the Spirit of Aloha,
The Kauai Farmacy Team xoxoxo