High Performance Comfrey Salve for bones and muscles

Dan, the life regenerator and Doug, owner of Kauai Farmacy introduce a new Comfrey Salve. The Comfrey plant is renown by the ancients as “knit-bone” or the “warrior plant” because of its strong history of helping to rejuvenate bones, muscles, and ligaments. Don’t miss the end of the video where Doug demonstrates how to massage this topical healing salve onto his wife, Genna.

Excellent for therapeutic massage or applied topically for daily body maintenance and performance, this salve is prepared in small batches directly from the very gardens Doug, Dan and gardener Kerr are filming in.

A simple SALAD DRESSING packed with HERBAL nutrition

This is how we make SALAD In OUR HOME:

Chop 1 large cucumber; dice 3-4 fresh tomatoes; sprinkle equal parts Savory Blend and Curry Blend (2-pinches of each); fresh-squeeze the  juice of 1 lime; drizzle cold-press olive oil (or sesame oil); and add a dash of coarse pink sea salt. Pair it with your favorite tea and Voila! – an enzyme, vitamin & mineral-rich meal.

salad dressing ingredients:
featured tea:

Women’s Wellness Tea: tulsi; bele-spinach; lemongrass; cranberry hibiscus; galangal ginger; moringa; chaste; turmeric; orange peel; stevia; yarrow; raspberry leaf; lavender.

Simply nutritious and easy to make. Enjoy!

Heal Yo Self T-Shirts Now Available

This mantra puts the power and responsibility for your health into your hands. You can do it! Getch yo hands on one of these limited availability TEA Shirts now.

We’re excited to be able to bring you these uplifting and empowering T-shirts. They are 100% cotton and have been hand-dyed a rich, golden yellow hue. “heal yo self” above a small circle emblem is silk screened, by hand, on the front in a vibrant green color. On the back, the Kauai Farmacy logo in the same vibrant green.


The hand dying and hand silk screening process means that each shirt will show unique variations in color and artwork. Many mahalos to Art of Jahmane and his KULTJAH clothing line for this custom piece.

Mahalo to XPT Retreat for Visiting Kauai Farmacy

Mahalo Gabrielle ReeceLaird Hamilton, Brian Mackenzie, Wim Hof and the entire XPT Experience Retreat for visiting Kauai Farmacy.

After a three-day experience training with these elite high-performance leaders, Gabby, Laird, Brian and Wim took the entire retreat to rejuvenate on a brief visit to the Kauai Farmacy gardens; Here, they were treated to a bounty of performance enhancing Kauai-grown organic herbal supplements that work to re-calibrate and bring into balance all the body’s systems.

A marriage of like-minded pursuits to optimal health and well-being: Great company; fresh garden brew; cold-pressed turmeric, gotu kola, & yacon juice; turmeric-lemonade; loose leaf herbal teas; herbal performance powders; culinary supplements, and good vibrations.

A pleasure and honor to have you all here – Many Mahalos!

Another Kind of Wealth

Flashback photo of a market in india

I took this photo about 12 years ago when Doug and I were trekking across Rajasthan INDIA. Rajasthan literally translates into “The Land of the Kings”. This photo captures metaphorically and literally genuine WEALTH; Not the kind based on global statistics; not the kind that is measured in minted coins and printed dollar bills; But instead, the wealth that comes from a vibrant economy producing abundant foods, spices, and plant medicine; ultimately translating into the health and well-being of a community as a whole.

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Tulsi Holy Basil – This Plant Changed Our Lives

Tulsi Holy Basil – Kauai Farmacy’s Elixir of Life:

This plant has changed our lives! Tulsi, otherwise known as the Holy Basil plant, is a daily herbal tonic that has helped heal me and my family. Tulsi is now the most prolific plant in our gardens. This plant makes its way into the herbal medicine, supplements, culinary powders we grow here on the Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii; Through a thoughtful, environmentally-friendly and loving process that exceeds all others of its kind, this plant makes its way from seed to cups around the world.

This video is will take you into the depths of this ‘elixir of life’ through the vision of Kauai Farmacy’s family-farm. Feel More Alive with Tulsi!

Ashwagandha, the Sexual Wellness Herb with the Power of Longevity

Herb Files at Kauai Farmacy. Ashwagandha, the Sexual Wellness Herb with the Power to Longevity.

Recovering from a Fast Paced Life Style Takes Time

I have always been taught that energy is what you “use up”, until you are tired; or that energy is what you “use” until you are depleted of it. After using up all our energy playing sports or running errands, we typically crave to replenish our fleeting energy through binge eating and drinking; sometimes even manifesting into “sicknesses” with “pneumonia” or “flu” like symptoms.

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