Ānuenue – “āh-noo-weh-noo-weh” Double Rainbow

The meaning of the double rainbow

What a way to start the morning! In Hawaii, these full spectrum sightings are called Ānuenue – “āh-noo-weh-noo-weh”. With abundant sunlight and falling water here in Kauai, these beautiful arcs of bent light abound. I feel so invigorated with each sighting. Some believe, the double rainbow, with its colors reflected in reverse, is a sign of good luck to come. If you look closely, you can see the double bow faintly to the left of the beaming rainbow.

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Where Does Your Medicine Come From?

Where does your medicine come from? In this short film, Doug and Kerr introduce us to new life and what’s sprouting in the Kauai Farmacy Herbal Nursery.  Seeds, starts, and cuttings sit side by side awaiting their introduction into the rich volcanic soil of the Kauai Farmacy Gardens on the North Shore of the Garden Island of Kauai. Health starts with healthy starts. Kauai Farmacy knows that the more focus and love put into the first aspects of the lives of these budding plants, the more pure, potent and balanced the wellness will be in their herbal tea blends and herbal powders. Know your farmer. Know where your medicine comes from.

our medicine comes from the garden

Feel More Alive

This is where chocolate begins…

This fresh harvest of ripe Theobroma Cacao pods are sliced open exposing the fruity beans (seeds) within.

This sweet and tangy white pulp shrouds the Cacoa bean. Dried and fermented, this bean can be processed into Cacao nibs and later churned into a Cacao paste, Cacao butter, and later crafted into a bitter chocolate.

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The Kauai Farmacy Herbal Revolution

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity” (Hippocrates). This video captures the Kauai Farmacy team growing seeds, harvesting, planting, dehydrating, juicing and hand-crafting herbal teas, extracts and powders; all intended to rejuvenate the human spirit.

Always ask questions. Does your doctor actually know what is in the “medicine” prescribed or where it comes from? Have they used it themselves? Trust should not equal ignorance. To trust, one must know their farmer. Join the herbal revolution by sharing this video to others in favor of enriching their health and well-being. Join the Kauai Farmacy Affiliate program and spread the true and pure art of herbal healing. – It is easy and you will feel great helping others to feel their best. This is an opportunity to support organic and sustainable farming practices and original plant medicine. With loving Aloha, please visit www.KauaiFarmacy.com to learn more.