The Good Life

We’ve learned there is no such thing as the “good life”. That’s all facade. You live to learn, love, evolve, and take care of the responsibilities that you create. If there were a “good life” it would be feeling alive, clear and aware of every moment. No highs. No lows. Just balance.

What Makes Kauai Farmacy Herbs so Special

Join Doug, owner of Kauai Farmacy in the gardens that make whole plant medicine, and learn the truth behind what makes Kauai Farmacy’s herbs so special. Unlike other “branded”, herbal supplements, teas and plant medicine on the market today, the Kauai Farmacy team actually grows every herb from seed in their very own diversified gardens on the magical island of Kauai. This maintains the high integrity of both the herbs and the quality herbal blends that they create. See, learn, and ultimately feel the effects of what makes Kauai Farmacy’s artisanal herbal products so potent and so special.